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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2006 at 2:08am
im going to cathy's mum's funeral in five hours. i made her a book.
it made me cry. it always makes me cry when i come down to thinking about my friends. the good ones, anyway. because i realise how special they are. and how i would miss them if they were gone. and what i would have missed without them. and how i love them now and will always. thats why i dont make those things often. it's tough to put it just right. to capture precisely how i feel. but i can guarentee that if you're reading this, you deserve one.
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05-26-06 9:50pm

Aw, death is hard <3

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06-05-06 5:11pm

I love you, Jorie Moore. Times ~ ~ (that's an infinity sign that has been separated).

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