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j0seph1ne (profile) wrote,
on 6-2-2006 at 8:14am
Current mood: contemplative
so today is the senior's last day. i don't know. i'm not very close to any of them. there are certain seniors i talk to, but it's not like they're my really good friends. even if they're not, i'm gonna miss them. it's crazy because i can't imagine being a senior on this day. sure, i'd be happy it's the last day.. but i can't imagine it being the last day of school. so many memories, you know?! i'd be crying my eyes out if i was a senior... aiyy how crazy.
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06-03-06 11:22pm

You think YOU'D be crying?

Imagine me.

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Re:, 06-05-06 12:27pm

ooh yeah, that's true.
at least i'd have someone to cry with.. because i know i'll be crying a lot. and you'd be crying an OCEAN.. full of yucky mucky tears.

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