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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 6-2-2006 at 4:31pm
i was just reading some of my old entries. i should have seen this coming, and yet how naive i was to still be so happy.
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06-02-06 10:20pm

Awww, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry. You know, I really liked you're speech last night. It hit home. ;)
Call me sometime. If for nothing else, I still have your gorgeous gorgeous dress....
I love you.

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06-02-06 10:27pm

I love you Erika, I really do. You are a strong and beautiful young woman and because of that you can handle anything. Just stop kicking your own ass and you'll be fine, lol. I am honestly here for you no matter what. If you just need to talk or if you need to go out and have fun, I'm here for you. I love you darlin!!!

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06-03-06 7:32pm

Time heals all things... and if he wants to be "that" way, you are better off.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERIKA!, 06-04-06 1:27pm

Um.... i dont really know what that means but i hope things get better.

Happy Birthday Erika. Hope Its A Good One!:-)

<3 K

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07-05-06 3:20pm

Thank you so much for the encouragement. :) I just want to let you know that it meant a lot to me that you commented. I'm glad that you are doing alright now. Things are getting better for me as time progresses, too. Schuler's coffee house sounds good. lol Maybe we should hang out sometime. :)

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ERIKA!, 07-26-06 7:46pm

I Miss You!!!!!!!

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