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kandy (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2006 at 1:44pm
Current mood: drained
Subject: all sorts of stuff
Well Josh got sentanced about a week ago. Since he pleaded guilty we didn't have to go through a trail. That was nice. He was up on not exactly on the stand cause he was facing the judge not the crowd. But the judge asked him if he had anything thing to say and he said he wanted to tell Ms. Price he was sorry. But he didn't fool me. He got sentanced to 11 months in jail minus the 2 (? hell I didn't really know he spent two damn days in jail) he had already spent. Plus 4 years of probation and he has to register as a sex offender. I didn't quite feel like that was punishment enough but that's ok. If he violates his probation Clyndia (the judge) said he'd throw the book at him so that would be like 10 or 15 yrs. I got to see him taken away to where the jail people were comming out of. I knew he was getting thrown in at that moment. it had a werid effect on me. I hadn't cried or been upset about what he did to me in awhile. and it wasn't relief he was behind bars that bothered me either. i just know that shortly after he was put away I started crying. I know I felt bad for his mom. Not his dad cause his dad is a dick ass jack ass and every other bad name in the book. But even after what he did to me... I felt like i was being harsh with him. or that this couldn't be happening. this only happens to other people and all the bull.. It was just.. strange.

On a sader note, my parents dog Giggles, Some of you know her as the beast woman or manly dog.. she was the one with all the wrinkles. Well she died like the first week of may. it was terrible. that morning she was fine and dandy running around and such. then when my parents got home later to take her out dad had to carry her down the stairs and when he put her in the yard she kinda wandered than made this like chuffing noise and went down. now the animal hospital isn't even a mile from my house. she died on the way there on my dad's lap. it was aweful... :( :( :( my parents had her cremated and we have her ashes in the living room....

But now on the bright side of that.... my parents now have a 10 week old now puppy named Mocha. Shes the same breed as Giggy. but shes a coffee/chocolate color. she was just 8 weeks old when mom and dad got her. she's a lil stink thou, she loves to bite. but then again she is teething.

I'm taking summer classes that are hard as hell. I'm trying to work at least 20 to 25 hours a week. My boyfriend and I share a car and he works between 40 and 55 hours a week. We tend to argue alot. Things have been difficult around the house but we're dealing with it. he wants a motorcycle so bad.. but i want him to fix up one of his cars first. but he's so hard to talk to or reason with sometimes... it just gets so flustrating. we fought for like an hour last night over that crap. i just can't deal with it. i can't. sometimes i just wanna go back to my parents house and stay for awhile so i can get away and cry and let my mom hold me like she used to when i was really upset. It's like wanting to be a kid again i guess.
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06-03-06 2:41pm

I know how you feel about the whole him being hard to talk to or reason with.. Mike and I are going threw the same thing right now.. he wants a bike. but i think he should hold off until things are better on the financial front.. But I don't want to go back to my moms house because she's retarded..

Hope things get better

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