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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2006 at 5:51pm
Why is night so brutal?
Day bleeds for night.
The darkness smeering red across the sky before finally put out the light.
Morning comes gradually,
like it is sneaking into a world that has shunned it.
Day shines brightly after gathering strenghth,
but uses all its energy and gets slaughtered every night.
Night always wins.
Some days darkness stays on.
Some days are actually nights.
Some days never come.
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06-22-06 6:06pm

I wait for the time
when you look at me
and see me,
for the day when you look at me
and dont wish i was her,
for the moment i see in your eyes
what you will see in mine.
If you saw the blue,
the real me.

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06-22-06 6:13pm

I really like them. Especially the darkness one.

You okay?

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Re:, 06-23-06 1:51am

yeah, i am great. dont worry about me guys, i am happy and safe and i will call you if either of those things ceases to be true.

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