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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 8-5-2006 at 5:44pm
I'm trying to skip Math WASL retakes.
I mean, I tried to explain my logic to my mom, but she didn't really understand me.

This is what I'm thinking:
Since the beginning of Summer Break, I've forgotten (or possibly, simply can't remember) most of what I learned in Algebra etc.

During this next school year, there will be a WASL prep class for Juniors.

That PLUS my havetoretake Algebra 2A class will get me more ready than I am now to retake the Math portion of the WASL.

So why squander (did I spell that correctly?) one of my chances?

That plan, and the fact that Nasya figured this out before me, ahaaaa.

What do you guys think?

Gorgeous. < 3
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