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Namu (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2006 at 6:42am
okay, now i'm really confused. I read your blog amelia, but it seemed to me that you wrote it to be mean to me. I tried to let it not effect me and stuff, so i said i didn't care, but now people are saying that you wrote me a nice poem? I'm confused. If i got the wrong idea, i apologize, i thought you were trying to hurt me. I also apologize for the other day. I just wanted to see how many people actually "hated" you, which i thought it might help if you could name them out and see there weren't that many names.

just a confused lil man.....
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08-08-06 12:26pm

i was just trying to make you look at the reality of something because you won't look at it no matter how hard i try... did you figure it out?

it wasn't really supposed to be mean, just informative. to make you look at what it was saying...

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