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dimthesun (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2006 at 12:41am
Current mood: giggly
Music: Aphex Twin - Girl Boy Song
Subject: Viagra Fueled Erections
I think I love Rody. Yes I do.
Although he uses the word 'faggot' a lot,
I think I could get passed that and move onto his better qualities.
Such as the fact that he says things like;

"fuck y'all, lick my butt, suck my nutt, enjoy the grease off my pizza hut"

I wish they wouldnít have canceled their show tonight.
Protest The Hero are amazing<3

However I did make up for the lack of moshing by shoving KAss around in my car and head banging insanely out the window.
Sorry for the passerbys who might have thought I was on crack.
I'm not.
I don't do that.

Oh and jack. I will have smex with you

[JAcques. Make me do push-ups in drag <3 says:
id have sex with you]
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08-23-06 7:02pm


thx btw for not kicking me outta your house since i overflooded your toilet + broke your bed and ate all your popcicles.


it was oodles of fun waking up to your lovely girlboy face alexandra. (:

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