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reid (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2006 at 3:30am
Okay... I know that "you're" exists. I know what it means. Most of the time on the internet, "your" means the same damn thing. I don't care that it's not proper, so please stop telling me.

On another note, I'm leaving for UofM in 2 days. I'm excited and nervous, the usual emotions for such a situation I think.
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08-29-06 10:15am

Hopefully you come back in June for my open house. I leave June 21st, so I'm aloud to think this far ahead. Well, ttyl. Have fun you college boy you. All them crazy college girls. You'll be in heaven. el oh el.

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08-29-06 4:41pm

I looovvveee you.

And miss you, silly goose.


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