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nerdalert (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2006 at 11:32pm
Subject: i just refered to my grandma as "g-unit"
spnirvana67 (11:31:22 PM): so friday night?
spnirvana67 (11:31:26 PM): what's the deal
Weezer10GK (11:31:30 PM): i'll be home
Weezer10GK (11:31:33 PM): like 2ish
Weezer10GK (11:31:43 PM): probably do some din din with the nance and g-unit
Weezer10GK (11:31:51 PM): hahahaha i just called my grandma g-unit
Weezer10GK (11:31:58 PM): i didnt even think about it, i just typed that shit
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09-22-06 12:33am

oh man, remind me next time we're home to go to my Grandma's house and show you my aunt's old Lakeview yearbooks. There is a hilarious shot of Ritchie playing against Anchor Bay. The caption says something like, "Jay Ritchie, showing off his ball handling skills."

I wanted to photocopy the picture and write on it, "Ball handling skills? You?" And give it to Marcel to take to tennis practice.

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Re:, 09-22-06 9:58am

that would be hilarious

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