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reid (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2006 at 12:46am
We have a pretty tight hall here, about 14 people who all know each other well and are friendly. There is a flamboyant guy across from us. He strikes me as gay in every way possible, but he has never made it clear and I've never assumed anything. To the right of us, there are two quiet kids... not really anything significant about them. The flamboyant guy hitting on the quiet kid has been a running joke for awhile... until two days ago. We (the hall community) found out that they slept in all day together, they went out to eat together, etc. At this point the attraction is common knowledge. It's hard to express how weird it makes me feel. It's mostly incredibly cute, watching them hug and such. I can't help but be a little jealous though, not of the man-love specifically (although, why not?), but simply because they have one another. This could get really sappy in a hurry, but I just have to say that I hate being socially retarded.
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09-21-06 2:22pm

Aww, Reid, I've never seen this side of you before....

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09-21-06 2:45pm

Wow man.. This is one of the few times I've actually laughed out loud while reading a journal entry.

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Re:, 09-22-06 9:05am

Have I ever told you that you're a bad bad man?

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09-22-06 12:10am

Reid it will all come with time. I am having the same feelings here... You'll start to find your way! If you ever need to talk am always here:) I hope that you are out experiencing the fun stuff that goes with college even if it is the gay couple in the hall! I'm out. Shannon

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