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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2006 at 3:30pm
Alright, Since I last wrote it's been over a year. A lot of you read my other journal so you already know that

October '05 - We went to Colorado/Arizona for vacation
October '05 - I thought he was cheating on me or.. about to with the one person I don't like most
November'05 - He asked me to marry him
December '05 - Had the poorest christmas of my life
January '06 - Sat home for new years
February '06 - Went out for Valentines day and decided on a date for the wedding My Grandpa died :'(
March '06 - Changed the wedding date from december to May
April '06- Found out I was pregnant 2 months pregnant at that then lost it And that I have HPV and The cells are upgrading and I may need sugery and wont be able to have children for a year and if I do.. I'll have to be sewn shut and on bed rest
May '06 - Got married the uh.. crap.. 27th and Our cat had two kittens the day after
May'06 - June '06 - Honeymoon in Colorado
June '06 - Moved in with the parents
October '06 - hopefully move out of here. Jared and I trying to take over the house in a rockford and will take that until it sells next summer hopefully
November '06 - find out if I need surgery! I have to get a repeat colposcopy and they will determine if it's safe for me to proceed with a pregnancy which is what we hope. But.. I doubt that will happen.
May '07 to September '07 - Move to Colorado!
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