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stinko (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2006 at 5:38pm
i am bored. i should be doing homework, but i really don't care all that much.
i think i may go to my grandmas house before we all go to jakes.
that would be a good time, let me tell you . . .
my grandma-she is crazy.
she's a bad ass.
for sure.

ooh now i am really excited i got myself all worked up about grandma.
now if i don't go i am going to be really sad.



you're the bomb
you rock my life
you made my mom
will you be my wife??

well, maybe that is going too far.
i don't know.
this is getting weird.

i'm so sorry.
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10-17-06 5:16pm

hahaha I LOVE YOUR SONG!!!

Is this the grandma that smacks our butts all the time? hahaha :-)
I would be excited to see her too.

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Re:, 10-26-06 11:06pm

totally that grandma.

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