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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2006 at 7:37pm
Current mood: whatever
Music: a static lullaby - let go
Subject: Life is
My first ever official journal entry. Im the slowest teen in the world. I dont even know what to say. hehe..i guess ill start with an intro.. im Kent Solice born and raised in Newark New Jersey. Highschool is not my friend, and long walks on the beach dont beat midnite picnics on the same beach with a wonderuful girl. I'm here because i like making friends and i was just never good at it in the "real world", that and ive always wanted to talk to myself..hehe. Hopefully i didnt waste 5 bucks on this..:-)...ill write soon, and i promise as soon as i can figure out how to make things not bland. Then I'll do it.
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10-16-06 6:15pm

Welcome to woohu. I've been on here for over five years. Look around, make some friends. Enjoy it as a great place to rant.


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Re:, 10-17-06 3:20pm

thanks for the friendly welcome.

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let go, 11-06-06 5:52pm

can you send me "A Static Lullaby - Let Go"? I just bought the whole album from a shop but now I have discovered that if you buy the whole album off of iTunes then they give you this bonus track. I feel cheated :(.

anyways, contact me :)

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