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imaqinary (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2006 at 2:46pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: "Nobody Wins"- The Veronicas
Man... apparently I suck..

I sware I must be one of the worst girlfriends of life.. right? I mean, I wasn't able to talk to Alyssa on friday (although it was our 4th month anniversary! Mind you, I was completely understanding about the whole thing.) because she was at a sleepover and then yesterday I went out (not even all night) and I get the cold shoulder because I somewhat can't talk on the phone. =\

Yesterday was pretty fun. I hung out with Anjane like I usually do on the weekends now. I went over to her house at around 1:30 yesterday and we were going to practice our solo and ensemble songs again. We really only practiced for about 20 minutes out of the entire time we were there though. lol We talked about everything most of the day. She straightened my hair and it actually turned out really good. Although my hair isn't really far from straight.. it's just a little wavy, but it looked a lot different. She did all of my makeup too.. It was fun. We called Aly but she had plans already so she couldn't hang out. We decided we wanted to go to Barnes & Noble and we had called Kristin to meet us there but she couldn't go. We had also asked Ryan but he was acting dumb and said he was going to the movies, so it was just Anjane & I. My dad actually gave me money so I was pretty excited. lol
So, we went to Barnes & Noble and we were just looking around. Anjane suggested we go across the street to Old Navy and the GAP so I was like, sure! We looked around there and I was going to buy a pair of flip-flops but decided against it. I really should've bought them, but oh well. I had my heart set on buying a book. =] We were going to go to Claire's which was around there but they were closing as soon as we got over there, so we couldn't. After that, we decided we wanted something to eat (& strangely I was craving hot chocolate) so we went to this 24/7 diner. It was around 9 p.m by this time. So yeah, we had food and talked and then got out of there. Then, we went back to Barnes & Noble because I wanted to buy a book extremely bad. lol
I had no clue what book I wanted to buy throughout this whole time in Barnes & Noble and Anjane was trying to figure out what I'd like to read. We started talking about A Series Of Unfortunate Events and I had told her I wanted to read it. We found out last night that they had finally come out with The End. It was the last book of the series and it had apparently just come out last week. Anjane was freaking out. All she kept saying was, "They made an end? Oh my gosh! They actually finished it!?" lol it was really funny. I had already seen the movie, which is based on the first 3 books and she had told me that the 4th book was extremely boring and she didn't like it. So, she told me that I should start with the 5th book since I basically know the beginning and everything. So I bought it. I actually already finished it and I bought it at like 10 something last night. I was reading it from 10 something in the morning today and finished it around 1:30 or something. lol yeah, I'm a loser.
Anyway, I've called Alyssa like 3 times today and she didn't answer any of the times, so I'm guessing either she's not home or she just doesn't want to call me back because she's mad. I think it's really pointless to be mad about something like that, but I can't change it. We really shouldn't be fighting now. Especially since we're so far away from eachother. It's bad enough that all we have is the internet and phones now. =[
Yeah, I feel like I've done a lot today. I finished a book, I cleaned my room, I'm doing all of my laundry (Not that I don't do it already!)..

Well, I have to do some other stuff... I'll write later.

.I love Alyssa.
With all of my heart & soul.
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mostly good news is good news., 10-25-06 1:29pm

sounds like your doing what i should be doing, wich is make the best out of the time you have despite where you are...what a trip...i cant beilieve they made an just finding this out too by the way...REMEMBER that long distand relationships are on the list of the top 5 hardest things to do in the word, but know that even though they are hard to get thtough its completely possible. be strong *flexes*. and its all going to be hard in the dumbest and weirdest ways, the only thing you can do is take the bad as it comes and handle it the best way everytime... and you dont suck by the by.

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