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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2006 at 11:58am
Charlie and I are at Beaners right now :-)
I'm in early labor and have been since yesterday. We went to the doctor and I'm dilating and 70% effaced. We're so excited. Last night we had to make up one of our childbirth classes and it made me a little nervous knowing that everything would be happening in the next couple days or so. We're really happy.

Baby will be here either tonight or tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10-25-06 8:41pm

i like how you're in labor, and yet you still have time to update your woohu....

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Re:, 10-25-06 9:41pm

I like how you're so freaking sweet Spud

We need to hang out sometime

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10-26-06 10:53pm

lets get it started in here . . .
oh wait you totally already started the party.
congrats times infinity.
your baby is probably going to beat up my babies later in life.
im going to buy them full body padding.
that isn't for your babies though, it is mostly to protect them against becca.

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