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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2006 at 9:40pm
Thanks everybody! Just wanted to post some pictures and get into the gross details. hahaha.

So Tuesday night we went to the Childbirth class we were supposed to make up a few weeks before, and we're like "Uh, we're actually in early labor right now." And so the instructor told us that we had probably 24 hours. And she was right. Wednesday we went a walk and went shopping for some last minute stuff. Then around 11pm while Charlie was on the phone with his mom, asking what it was like when her water broke, mine broke. So we went to the hospital and I started having awful back labor but they couldn't give me anything for a while. Then the stadol. That stuff works. So we tried to sleep a little. Thursday morning I was in the pushing stage and Charlie says between having some of the contractions that actually push the baby out, I said "And now we play the waiting game!" hahaha. So it hurt. A lot. I had 2 episiotomies, and vacuum extraction because he was in the posterior position. She actually reached her hands in to turn him, and he turned back around. So we had to do it. And it hurt. And I am horribly horribly bruised. But he's here! We were at the hospital until Saturday afternoon. He has some jaundice so we're trying to get rid of it. I haven't slept basically since Tuesday.

Here are the pictures!

Here's Charlie and I after labor:
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Here's Caleb on his wormy play-mat, he has a billy blanket for his jaundice that's why he's glowing:
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He likes to sleep with his arms above his head all stretched out, it's so cute!
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10-30-06 10:08pm


you so cute.

i'm sorry to say that i think babies always look kinda freaky.
it's the whole disproportion thing. head's way too big for their body.

but he's got a hot mom!

; )

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10-30-06 10:33pm

wow he's really adorable. congratulations

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10-30-06 10:40pm

That is a pretty cute baby.. Especially for a newborn.

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10-31-06 11:39am

that baby looks pretty tasty . . .
i mean he looks pretty cute.
that's what i meant.
really i swear.

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Re:, 10-31-06 3:14pm

I was going to say that... but I have a soul...

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11-02-06 10:17pm

Aww he is adorable!!!!

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