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m&ms487 (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2006 at 8:51pm
Someone got their nipple pierced today.

And it wasn't me.

[rants about big boobs]

me+last night=upset stomach

I'm a math genius.


Trash still not gone. Smells awful.
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11-12-06 1:38am

I didn't knwo Rueben was into the extreme pain thing.

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Re:, 11-12-06 8:39am

Ohhh hell no. Not me.

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11-13-06 2:03am

ewww, nipple piercings >_<. My roomate last year had one on his right nipple, and he just always had to run around the floor shirtless. I guess everyone called him nipple boy for the first month there....

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