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chaosdecrepit (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2006 at 2:39pm
Current mood: ill
Music: The Noose - A Perfect Circle
Subject: Finland, Finland, Finland... It's the country for me.
I have had a fever the last... four days or so.

I should be writing my sequence analysis... But... I am sick and procrastinating.

I was tagged to write six strange things about myself in Xhanny's journal... So... Here I go!

1. I can't sleep without socks on. If I have cold feet I have an unsatisfying sleep and wake up tired and cranky.

2. My body is naturally two degrees cooler than the normal human body temperature.

3. I get anxiety attacks.
Emphasis on when someone kisses me for the first time.
I get so scared of physical contact that I start shivering and have a good 'ol anxiety attack.

4. I hate dancing, so instead of "getting down" when I listen to music, I pace. It helps me think.

5. I can see in the dark almost perfectly.

6. I hate cauliflower, not only because it is a wholly disgusting vegetable, but because it reminds me of an STD.

On the whole, this little exchange has made me feel much better.

Thanks, woohu!
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11-19-06 6:34am

number 2 would be awesome if you lived in a climate like mine. 42 degrees celsius yesterday. x_x; *melts*

aand... number 4. I be exactly the same. n_n

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Re:, 11-23-06 1:26am

I dislike the hot. :(

And dancing... Makes me uncomfortable.

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11-25-06 3:31am

I think 6 is hilarious. xD

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