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jacqui-chan (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2006 at 10:16pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Nickelback -Follow You Home-
Subject: I am an idiot sometimes
How is it that the same day my boyfriend gives me a beautiful promise ring and tells me that he would give everything to be with me forever I can still be all jealous because he's talking to another girl? Because I'm stupid that's why. Jeezz, I need to get a clue and get over it. I will never be the only girl in his life, I'm just the most important and the only one he loves. Duh.

So why doesn't that make me feel any better?
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12-01-06 12:06am

Because you're a teenage female with RAGING hormones. And it's written in nature saying that females hate each other. And will slit each other's throats at a moments notice. So says my Sergeant from the Reception Battalion in Leonard Wood. And he was awsome. So he has to be right.

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12-01-06 10:17am

Well, I'm not sure I agree entirely with the above comment, although some of it does ring slightly true. =P

I'm like that with Danny. I know I'm the most important girl in his life. I know he only loves me, and is only attracted to me. But sometimes, I think we get jealous because we are slightly possessive. That's just how it is. The jealousy makes me feel like an idiot, though, and then I just become frustrated with myself.

What I'm saying is, most girls probably feel this, so you're not alone, and you're not an idiot. (:

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12-01-06 10:19am

I totally agree with what Justine said. Everyone gets jealous...then we ask ourselves why we are getting jealous. Then we can't come up with a good reason. You can't control your feelings, just your actions.

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12-02-06 9:12pm

because boys can give you pretty things and say nice words and be ultimately wonderful and you can be happy and then
you catch them fucking around.
sorry love its part of life.

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Re:, 12-02-06 9:12pm

by the way that was lizzy

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