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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2007 at 10:19pm
dude..i feel weird still writing in here. but my fucking hand is shaking like a mofo cause i just punched my damn bag cause hilary pissed me off like no other so i can't goddamn write in my paper journal.

fuck hilary. i'm so mad. i dont need people in my life who call me desperate. i'm not fucking desperate. all the shit with her is so fucked up and its cause of her. i dont fuck aroudn with her shit and her life. maybe she could return the favor and leave me the fuck alone. but why the fuck would she?? WHY THE FUCK WOULD SHE?! everything is about me, is it? oh really?! fuck you. you're the fucking worst piece of shit ever. you've shown me your true colors you bitch. i'm not the bitch. i'm twice the friend you'll ever be cause youre so self absorbed. you can't be a good friend when the only person you care about is yourself. how fucking often to i talk about myself? seriously..i'll fucking count it if i have to. fuck you. i always ask about other people before i speak. take a god damn page out of the 7 habits book you fuck head. i dont deserve shit from you. i've done nothing but be there for you. and then i meet someone who makes me happy and who i enjoy being around who is not you and you fly off the goddamn handle. fuck that shit you fucking selfish bitch. you're such a fucked up dumbass. i would never fucking call you crying you dumb shit. youre the last person i'd apologize to because you dont deserve it. i fucking deserve it. i tried to tell you that i wanted to work things out and what hte fuck do you do? you fucking ignore me then write me the meanest letter i've ever gotten in my life. you remind me of my family and that despresses me. perhaps its because your dad is an alcoholic and so we have similar trends in our fucked up families. fuck you man. i dont give a shit about you anymore. if you think this of me then why the fuck do you even bother trying to communicate with you fucked up bitch with mental issues?! WHY DO YOU FUCKING DO IT?! give up. i dont want you in my god damn life and you dont want me in yours. you've made that quite clear. i'm gonna go be desperate and talk to joe now you mothr fucker. i truly dislike you in every possible way.
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