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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2007 at 9:13am
Current mood: Nervous (So come, and I will feel better)
Subject: Your New Favorite Band.
Tonight. 7:00. West of Big Daddy's, which is on the corner of 27th and Ray. Youth Center. Bring five dollars and a lot of your friends. Do it or I will personally shank all of you with a rusty spoon 'till your kidneys bear more than a passing resemblance to tapioca pudding.

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02-16-07 3:41am

will you




I remembered how much I looove this site. How good it feels to jsut write baby. write.

call me.

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Re:, 02-19-07 9:25pm

Yes Eric, I will.

By the way I got a new cell phone, so I need your number again.

I just wanna eat you alive.


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Re: Re:, 02-20-07 10:44pm



That's exactly how I feel about you! I just want to eat you alive too.


it's probable not safe to post a phone number on email your new number to me at

PS-Myspace is evil dweevil. It'll eat your time alive. Get rid of it. JOIN THE REVOLUTION.

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Re: Re: Re:, 02-23-07 12:16pm

Kill your myspace, kill it good.

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