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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2007 at 1:43pm
one would like to think that things couldn't be all that bad. but then their parents' fucking 07 impala gets impounded twice in the same week.
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02-24-07 1:57pm

holy shit how did it get towed away again?

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02-24-07 2:25pm

Is that that one car I seen you getting into? That's a nice car. Why the hell would it get impounded?

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02-25-07 11:49pm

and to top it all off your best friend steals the guy you've been dating on and off for the past year.

it's been a great week.

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03-26-07 5:38pm

try having your tire blow out 20 seconds away from work because of a pothole then 8 days later hit 2 deer on your way to work. i think i win.

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