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fishyrere (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2007 at 1:59pm
oh update. yeah. well i'm at autumn's house right now chillin with my girls. we have a good time. justin called me last night and told me the rocket summer is coming to michigan. we might go. that would rock because the rocket summer is bombtastic.
prom is coming up. i need to find a dress. one that matches a zoot suit. but i don't want a flapper dress. its gonna be a fun time finding something. is it crap that i have to match him? ah well. zoot suits are really cool and now we can swing fairly good so we'll have a good time.
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03-26-07 11:45am

I have to find a prom dress, too.
I have no idea what Ben is wearing.
Hopefully more than his boxers.


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Re:, 03-30-07 2:57pm

Ha! Yeah hopefully. A bunch of us ladies were thinking about going shopping sometime during spring break for our dresses. Wanna come?


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