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joeydomina (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2007 at 11:51am
Subject: Perfect Zero
Yeah this is a perfect alley dock. I'm so good at this truck driving thing why I didnt do it before is a question I need to ask myself
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04-03-07 5:25pm

I realized I've not talked to you in a good long while so I felt like saying hi.

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Re:, 04-03-07 6:07pm

lol well hi. I've been wondering if anyone would ever comment. ummm so how ya doing. hows that smoking computer coming along. alrighty well umm yeah ttyl

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Re: Re:, 04-03-07 6:22pm

lol the computer quit smoking after like 5 minutes.
I'm doing fairly alright. Senior Trip is coming up and then I'll be graduating and I'm just happy. It's fantastic.

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