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chelthesmell (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2007 at 8:39am
Current mood: excited
My birthday is in 5 days.
I'm excited.
I'll be able to do stuff, like buy ciggarettes and porn, which I will most likely never have to buy.
But I'm going to get my dad some smokes for Father's day, seems how it's that same day n all. lol.
I start waitressing at the Village Inn next week I think. Pretty sweet. That goes with the whole being 18 thing too. lol.
Idk, pretty much that's all I got for now I guess. Not much happened this week.
I did catch some fish yesterday though. pretty sweet. Tried to catch me a snake but I dont think it was hungry...

Welp I'm off. I need to apply for Finacial Aid. I should get an ass load of money from that! I'm excited!
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06-12-07 12:42pm

what hours do you work? maybe i'll come see you on my lunch

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Re:, 06-19-07 11:45am

I actually dont know yet. I have to go talk to the chick. I have to take a bartenders class this sunday and junk so I'm not sure. I work at the Eagles though on thursday and friday all day.

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06-17-07 3:13am

Your Birthday is TODAY!

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!!!!!


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Re:, 06-19-07 11:46am

Thanks Jessica. You're awesome! I love the crap outta you.

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