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cowboy67 (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2007 at 8:01pm
i watched a presidential debate on PBS last week, and of course clinton, edwards, and obama all had pretty good things to say. but, honestly, you know they are all doing the usual politician glitz and glamour thing, kissing babies and asses. mike gravel, the senator from alaska, however, impressed me because his answers were short, concise, and no-nonsense! this doesn't mean he's less plastic than the others, but i think his composure and reactions to questions reflect that at least he isn't afraid to say what every other candidate IS afraid to say or admit. my intuition (oooohhh ahhhh) is that he is genuine and less of a bullshitter than the rest.

plus, his stance on the issues (and the fact that they are on his front page, out in the open for you to read -- as opposed to some other candidates' websites, where you have to search around to find out their positions) is great (at least if you're a "leftist" like me).

check it out, friends.

go here for detailed descriptions.
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07-05-07 10:57pm

that's so funny! i just saw this on slate and was like, who is this guy?? this is one of his campaign commercials:

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