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sweatingblood (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2007 at 8:49am
Music: Apocalyptica - Kaamos

Quite the hangover this morning, due to last weeks extensive line of bullshit I was pushed to drinking tequila (don't know if you all realize this but tequila spins me into a blind rage that can only end with unconsciousness or a cell.) Luckily last night it was passing out that put an end to that =] My brother's going to Michigan to get my bike on the 2nd. I'm so happy. Even though it's quite possible I'll end up riding it directly back where he got it from if things keep going at the rate they have lately. But anyways frichen props sent over to Carl. I just leave a vague comment and 20 minutes later I get a call and a helping hand through the potential crap I'll be going through. Homies. For. Life. =]
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07-20-07 12:24pm

Homies for life, indeed. And it's 'cause I love ya, Eirk. Even though you have these pathetic notions in your head that you could ever beat ME. I'm checking with my Staffing supervisor today :] Don't worry. I'll find you something.

And FYI: they don't ride the mini-horse. They can't. He's too aggressive 'cause Drama never got him a mini-horse trainer. He bites.

I want an aggressive mini-horse, Erik.

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