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allyson (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2007 at 12:41am
Current mood: crazy
Subject: baby
Wow... I can't believe how longs it's been since I actually updated either of my journals. How crazy life has been!

I never talk to anyone anymore and it makes me miss all those sad pathetic days of blink 182 and parties with the group.

I saw james about 4 months ago. He looked healthy. I think. I havn't heard anything from him since then.

I saw Joe yesturday while I was working. He's doing good it seems. Working third shift at family fare and his dad is out of the hospital.

I saw david with his very pretty girlfriend a month ago (yes while I was working). They both seem happy.

Everyone seems good but, you don't talk to anyone like you used to. I have finally been talking to Raych more. The problem was. I am poor and she is altell. I have verizon therefore talking to her takes up my whole 700 minutes that Jared and I share.

I can't believe I am going to have a baby. What is life going to be like? OMG it's so crazy. It isn't going to be just Jared and I. We are going to have a real family, all the time. I mean. Jared has a daughter but... it's different. I try to make it not different. But it is and it always will be. I just can't wait to bring her home and put her in her crib and dress her in all the clothes we got. And of course.. for me to loose all this stupid weight I have gained. A part of me is scared that she will turn out a he. Haha.. knowing my luck I wouldn't be suprised. Anyways.. I don't know what to write. Now that I have internet maybe I will keep this thing updated. doubt it but maybe.

If you want to look at any pictures or anything go to my myspace. You can see how fat I am now. :)
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09-13-07 2:21am


havn't seen you since april 21st. your probably hiding a watermelon under your shirt now.

your due soon arn't you?

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Re:, 09-14-07 10:18am

yeah.. haha.. check out my myspace. I have pictures of my big ol belly. I'm due the 30th so I have like.. two weeks to go. I am hoping for october first though, just cuz I like october better.

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