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ears (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2007 at 4:56pm
Music: "The diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin

Just sitting here. Bored. Watching the Nascar race.

Can anybody please tell me how to pictures in the journal background. I forgot how. Thank you.

Not doing much these days but working. All sisters are married now. I'm the only one left unmarried. Hard enough getting a girlfriend let alone thinking about a future marriage. Life is crazy.........but fun.

Hope you all are doing good. Peace out.
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11-17-07 10:28pm

A lot of my friends from highschool are married. Makes me feel like I need to hurry up. Kinda dumb. My siblings are all married too. My family pushes me ..askin' where their grandchildren are..

Its dumb!


Thought I'd randomly invade your privacy :[ sorry~

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