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:: 2007 27 November :: 6.56 am

Skye Here.
Ready to shoot herself in the face.
Seven am shifts at work make want to die. :)

Laugh for me.

:: 2007 24 November :: 5.27 pm

Well, Crap.

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I don't know anymore.
I felt empty.
So I made good grades.
I felt empty.
So I made amazing friends.
I felt empty.
So I called my family.
I felt empty.
So got a new apartment and a new roommate.
I felt empty.
So I create all this art.
I still feel Empty.
Do you know why?
I would very much enjoy an answer.

I love my life..but there is something missing. Something missing that i can't put my finger on. I don't know. Why do I feel like this..? No, Robert, is not really in my life anymore, but I'm getting over that. So what is it? I'm lost. I can't figure it out. I making the grades. I'm doing the job. I'm making it, what the hell is missing?

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:: 2007 20 November :: 6.25 am

I absolutely adore Men, Women and Children. The Band. They're amazing. I haven't had a band make this happy with a random song as much as them.

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Its 6:30am. And I'm not grumpy.
What the heck?

Yesterday one of my friends, who at one point in my life I had a crush on, was trying to get into my panties. Instead of being irritated like normal..I was actually flattered. I've been through the whole sleep with whoever shows attrations for me phase, what the hell happened? I think I'm just lonely. I very nearly gave into it. But I didn't. I made a more messing around with people I'm not in an actual relationship with!

I dont care what other people do. I've had my share of drama from sex. No more. :/

Anyway. Merry Almost Thanksgiving.

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:: 2007 18 November :: 7.27 pm

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I made this after I heard the song the "Shankill Butchers" by the Decemberists. I was in a slum yesterday, after I made this I felt a lot better. Thats the main why I get my anger out. I'm obviously not that articulate. So here it is.

I realized yesterday that life could get a lot worse. My friend came to me in the night and I had to dress the wound he inflicted upon himself. I don't usually give suicidal people the time of day. But I understood his pain. I just hope he never tries to again. Made me see things in a different light though. I have amazing friends. An amazing future ahead of me. I might be a bit lonely. I might miss my family. At least I have them. I"m here. I'm doing well. I shouldn't complain.

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:: 2007 17 November :: 5.16 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: Beruit - The Flying Cup Club

I don't feel like doing homework.
I haven't done two weeks worth of Information Architecture. And three weeks worth of Graphic Illustration :D
I was doing well, but I think I'm burnt out now.
I'm also tired of everything..

Today is our groups drawing night at my apartment. My roommate and I host it every Sunday. I think I'm going to sit in my room, close and lock the door, and play mindless mmorpgs. I don't feel like thinking.

I can't go home for Thanksgiving. I'm having problems with my car and no phone. I'm thoroughly depressed. I'll get through it though. I always do. I'll get to see my family on Christmas at least.

Heres to the Blah journal entry.

I've been going on dates. None of them are exactly working out for me. They're either not funny, too quiet, too weird. I miss my best friend. I miss him a lot.

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:: 2007 16 November :: 5.07 am
:: Music: A Fine Frenzy

:] I'm back.
Woohu was my very first online journal experience. I stopped using it when it became pay. I recently realized how much I enjoyed woohu, so I'm back. I need something thats away from the "real" people. I need others opinions. Perhaps new friends. New fun. I'm looking forward to it very much.

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