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romancereverie (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-2007 at 6:25am
I absolutely adore Men, Women and Children. The Band. They're amazing. I haven't had a band make this happy with a random song as much as them.
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Its 6:30am. And I'm not grumpy.
What the heck?

Yesterday one of my friends, who at one point in my life I had a crush on, was trying to get into my panties. Instead of being irritated like normal..I was actually flattered. I've been through the whole sleep with whoever shows attrations for me phase, what the hell happened? I think I'm just lonely. I very nearly gave into it. But I didn't. I made a more messing around with people I'm not in an actual relationship with!

I dont care what other people do. I've had my share of drama from sex. No more. :/

Anyway. Merry Almost Thanksgiving.

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11-21-07 2:49pm

What a great vow. I should take that vow.

Oh yeah-

Happy Thanksgiving back.

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11-21-07 11:28pm

You know, I recently made that same decision. :< I ended up failing after a month or two of working with it, and as I suspected, drama followed. I should keep trying though, because it worked for a long while.

Secks is gay.

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Re:, 11-22-07 2:53am

secks is good when ..its good? XD (Goodbeing, minus the drama).

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thank you, 11-24-07 7:11pm

Haikus are the bomb
thanks for commenting on mine
happy thanksgiving

: )

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