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brownsugar (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2007 at 9:00pm
Music: I've got to see you again -Norah Jones
Seduction - such a sexy word. I was firm on my decision to not get involved with anyone this year. Well, I thought I was firm on this decison. But, it turns out I was so incredibly wrong. It seems like getting involved is the only solution to my never ceasing horniness .. especially because no amount of random hookups can make me happy (or satisfied). I just can't do the random hookups like everyone else, I sort of envy them and their ability to enjoy it.
So, based on these premises, the ideal and pretty goddamn wonderful solution was to enjoy la vie suel and get myself a lovely vibrator.
Until ...
I got seduced.
Why, oh why?
I had such a good thing going too!
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11-01-07 7:54pm

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Re:, 11-09-07 11:01am

i miss you ..
i actually tried calling you to wish you happy birthday but your number changed? i hope everything is going well with you and call me (my number's the same) one of these days so we can catch up .

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