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impersonality (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2007 at 7:22pm
Current mood: listless
Subject: Don't get inspired, get spiteful!
I feel like I'm trapped in a limbo of sorts. I can't seem to get motivated. Instead of being inspired, I get spiteful. If I actually invested as much energy into productivity as I do in contempt I wouldn't have this problem. So, I'm going to try to make some changes and stop poisoning my spirit with envy and resent. Good luck?
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11-17-07 10:23pm

Everyone lacks motivation sometimes. I go to an art school xD and it happens to me all the time. Then it sucks cause' I dont get the grade xD

Use things to inspire you! Watch something good! Listen to good music! Something motivational and whatnot. ^^

-Skye :D

Sorry for intruding, I just thought Id say hello :3

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Re:, 11-17-07 11:52pm

Helpful advice from a stranger is always nice ^^

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