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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2007 at 1:12am
Subject: Yep I still check this from time to time
Wow it's been a long time since I posted. Let's see....what's up with my life...
Caleb turned a year old on Oct. 26! Yay. He had his doctor appt on Tuesday. Stats when he was born: 6 lb 10 oz, 19 in long.
Stats when he was a year old: 22 lb, 32 in long

He is soooooo tall! Seriously, he's in the 97% ! He's 97% taller than all other 1 year olds! The doctor said with his height he's the size of a normal 17-month old. But his weight is just normal.

Carazy. This year has gone so fast. I am in my 3rd year at GRCC still no sign of graduating anytime soon. ha. Still cookin up good things all the time. Not working right now, just a stay at home mommy. Charlie and I are doing great. We're living in Wyoming right now, but we might be moving to Traverse City in the next couple years. It's sad I don't really have much to write about after all this time. Except Caleb, he's wonderful.
He's brought so much to my life, I love him so much.

Anywho I need my beauty sleep, HA! Nah, I have a date in the morning with a little boy to watch Clifford cartoons!
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11-08-07 10:59pm

hey hilary! it sounds like you guys are doing really well- that is good to hear! your baby boy is so adorable. I forgot to message you earlier, but roman told me he saw you at the grocery store, i am SOOO jealous because seriously i would of loved to see you and caleb he is so cute!!!!!! that is weird that we both live in wyoming..where abouts do you live? we're in ramblewood apartments. anyway, i wish you guys the best and maybe we'll bump into each other at a grocery store someday lol. bye!

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Re:, 11-08-07 11:30pm

Hey! Aw thanks, yeah Caleb is getting so big. Yeah I saw Roman on Halloween, Caleb was soooo sleepy though, you'll have to see him sometime when he's wide awake. We live really close to each other I think, I live down Byron Center Ave, past 36th street (toward 28th) on Barberry, so yeah, I think that's close. I will probably run into you sooner or later, I'm ALWAYS at the store, lol. Take care!

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