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tapdanceoveryourheart (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2007 at 8:39pm
Subject: this is not really a poem but it sort of is
I write poetry but I'm not good at it.
I make stupid mistakes that I regret later.
I am a wound up ball of anxiety.
I talk too much sometimes but not at all at others.
I am a nerd. : )
I think too much and too hard sometimes.
I love watching movies.
I love to fall in love.
I am sensitive.
I am complicated.
I am always lonely,even with people around.

You will never know the true me no matter how much you try.But on the plus side,you'll never have to guess at my feelings for you.You'll never have to ask for my support.You'll always have a movie buddy.You'll love cuddling with me because I do it best.You'll sometimes wonder what I'm thinking when I have that far off look in my eyes.I probably won't tell you.We'll fight,and you'll think I'm cold because it seems I don't care.I do.I just don't want to show it.I will always be afraid that you're going to leave me,so I'll probably break up with you first at least a couple of times till I'm absolutely sure of your feelings for me.I'll never be sure.Our relationship probably won't last,but it will be the best one you ever had.I will love you unconditionally.But not at all.I'll never trust you,but you can trust me.I will bare my soul to you,but you'll still feel like you know nothing.

we are better off as friends
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