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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-2007 at 11:44pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Old school Kirby stuffs
Subject: Petty annoyances
So, lately I've been depressed, and have been unable to locate the source of this depression. I've discovered the truth behind it, and while I don't like the answer, I've accepted it.
I truly live for the weekend. I hate the weekdays, and most people I meet. While a few weeks ago I learned that drowning my sorrows in booze is nowhere near the answer that I seek, surrounding myself with friends and family is.
Had a great time with phil and nate on friday, though I got the impression that nate's woman wanted to rip my head off. That won't be the last chick I drive to a murderous state of mind.
Saturday and sunday were spent hanging out with david. I'm amazed at the nothing we can do, and yet I enjoy myself so much. One of these times we will actually do something, god willing, that doesn't involve booze or sitting around all night.
The other problem is that if I'm not with someone on the weekend, I get lonely, and that has become devestating for me. The whole over-analyzing thing bites me in the ass, and I contemplate many things that I shouldn't, such as things involving heather, my friends, my 'distant' family, myself, hell, even Katie Albrecht. I mean, srsly, what the fuck is wrong with me?
A stupid girl today reminded me that most people are worth dick. She was talking on her phone, and followed me nearly all the way to class. With speakerphone on. For about 5 minutes, I got to listen to two typical valley girls chat it up. Yeah, no problems there.

After Lara (the girl using her speakerphone) told Sandy that she couldn't figure out why Jamal left him, I spun around and replied, "Maybe because you are whiny, or self centered, or stupid. Maybe we can just combine all three and say he left you because you are a whiny, self centered, stupid bitch." She then looked at me and said, "Don't butt into my conversations!" We argued, but I eventually copied a move from david's book and used the over exaggerated head nodding with a goofy smile technique. It was super effective.

For some reason, I haven't given a damn what anyone thinks about me since then. All it took was a huge moron to remind me why people aren't shit, or at least most of them out there. Now to finish that homework that I've been avoiding for about three hours...though this kirby game won't play itself...dammit.
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11-13-07 12:16am

friday lans are FTW

that is all

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11-13-07 2:27am

That's right. Fuck them all! No one messes with my Fattison.


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Re:, 11-13-07 5:03am

shit ya, we dont wanna have to cut nobody

and bills got professional cutting training now!

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Re: Re:, 11-13-07 10:22am

Ive got a spoon! Who needs teh cuttin?

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11-15-07 4:17am


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