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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2007 at 8:57pm
Current mood: calm
Music: none - watching sky sports news for the footy scores
Subject: 2nd post
Well today was a good day. I had a good sleep last night, then got woken up at about 12:45 by my house mate because we promised to go see a guy from our course and give an opinion on what he wants to do for his major project, so us and a bunch of others did that and i think it helped him quite a lot - he seemed please anyway.

Then i went to pool club for the first time. It is run by my house mate and another guy off our course, and they kept bugging me to go, but i was always too lazy =P but today i decided "eh, why not" so i did, and i had a good time. Although i only won one set of matches cuz i played awful, but it was a good laugh.

This evening i haven't done much, played Playstation with rich, and ate dinner. it was good. Rich is a lot better at Pro Evo 2008 than i thought he would be, although i beat him once earlier, he also beat me. He also has a pretty good knowledge of football for someone who doesnt follow it... suspicious much?

So yeah i had a good day, and now enjoying the football updates for this evening's matches, and a lot of the games seem to be quite exciting, so its all good.

Oh, and i think i decided that i am gonne get the tattoo down kind of "around" the front half of my arm (see previous post) the bottom left corner starting on the inside, then heading diagonally round to the top right corner, so that corner is on the outside of my arm... i think. i dunno, i will discuss it with the tattooist when i go... so yeah.

Before i go, i just want to say "thanks" and "hello back :)" to jessa lynne for leaving me a comment. and to loonygoth - i'll tell u everything u want to know, just ask
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11-28-07 5:36pm

lol..youre mean to rich.

jess wants to know if he will make her up a DJ name please?
it has to be quite long.

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Re:, 11-28-07 5:37pm

why does rich have to do it?

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