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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2007 at 4:25am
Subject: survey stolen from lau
1. Do you smoke weed regulary?
nope, never even tried it

2. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks?
yes, chickpea herself

3. Who was the last persons house you went to?
er.. other than my uni one, laura's i think

4. Miss someone?
my brother, my little cousins (not so little any more), laura and my BrotherHood hos.

5. How's your ex doing?
i dunno, dont talk to or see any of them any more. probbaly still bitches and fat.

6. Is there someone you want to fight?
yeah some people, but they arent worth my time and effort. especially as i know they dont stand a chance

7. Do you like someone right now?
yes. she has nice boobies.

8. Song playin?
none - tv is on, but its crap so i might put some music on, dont know what though, some kind of rock, maximo park - girls play guitars... maybe

9. What are you doing tomorrow?
lecture, and then hanging out with my homies, playing video games

11. What's annoying you right now?
poker - im having a bad run at the moment

12. Do you want to go back to school?
been there done that, no thanks

13. Have you ever watched a movie drunk?
yeah im sure i have

14. What are you doing tonight?
its 4:30am, so if u mean tonight as in now, then im playing poker and watching tv, and filling this in... if u mean tonight as in 14 hours or so, i have no fricking idea

15. Who did you ride in a car with last besides your family?
erm.. adam and chris i think, on the way to morrisons or tescos

17. What socks do you have on?
knee high red and black ones

18. What color is the shirt you are wearing?
white with a red design on

19. What will you do Sunday?
seeing lau, think we are going xmas shopping

20. Last person to call you?
erm.. my mum, i think...

21. Do you have any interesting bruises or scars?
scar on my fiinger from sticking my hand into a half open tn of strawberries while my mum wasnt looking when i was younger - ripped half of the top part of my finger off

scar on my cheek where i was in hospital and slipped over, smashed my face on the floor and cut it open

22. What were you doing at noon today?
erm.. dozing i think

23. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
depends, if i have to be ready in 5 minutes, i can be, otherwise i like to have a shower and stuff, so maybe 20 or 30 minutes

24. Have you been outside of the U.S.?
can we change that to "of your home country" - in which case, yes i have, lots

25. The last text you received on your cell was from?
erm.. from rich, saying something like "we are on our way home now" - laura doesnt txt me anymore :(

26. Last show you watched?
erm, the war at home, its crap, couldnt be arsed to find the remote

27. Who do you miss?
didnt i already answer this.. question 4 right?

28. Do you wish at 11:11?
no, never heard of that one. weirdo.

29. Do you wear any jewelry?
watch, if that counts, then some woodern bracelets, a wrist band and my necklace with a pendant my mum got me in italy... i think... i have other stuff, but i left them at home :(

30. Last person you hugged?
rich.. or laura i think

31.The last time and place you went to?
Mozarts, about 10pm last night, good stuff.

32. Who/What made you angry today?
nothing really, i got frustrated with Spurs in the first half cuz they played like a lump of drunk shit... blindfolded, and tied up... in the changing rooms... but they picked it up in the second half and went on to win, so it was rectified.

33. Do you sing in the shower?

34. Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally?
nope, why would they?

36. When did you first start noticing the opposite sex?
i dunno... lol.. a long time ago...

37. First thing you notice in the opposite sex, upon first meeting them?
eyes, smile, boobs, and bum... the usual.

38. Where is your sister right now?
i dont have a sister. this should be changed to "siblings". this survey is very discriminative to anyone who lives outside the US without a sister.

my brother on the other hanf, SHOULD be in bed at home

39. Last place you kissed someone?
yeah, geographically or bodily? it would have been Cardiff Central train station, on the lips.

40. Name five things you did today?
went to tescos
watched lee evans - might finish that off now
watched the spurs footy match
played poker

41. Last person you text messaged?
rich, asking him where the fuck he was

43. What are you listening to?
the poker sounds in the background and lee evans dvd

44. Eye Color?
green - but they change slightly depending on my mood. my eyes fucking rock, so dont go ripping on them.

45. Has anyone told you they're in love with you?
yes. a few people

46. What color are your bedroom walls?
at uni - cream "nobbly" wallpaper
at mums - cream and black
at dads - nasty pale green - never been redecorated since we moved in

47. Do you have a chair in your room?
yes, at uni, for my desk

48. What should you be doing right now?
sleeping. lol.

49. Do you get along with your parents?
yes, very well

55. How many credit cards do you have?
none, i have 1 debit card.

56. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
considered it, my mum wants me to... dont think its for me though, i did work as a classroom assitant for work experience for 2 weeks

57. What is one thing you've learned about life?
friends are the most important people, the best ones will be there for you no matter what - especially when you are too afraid to go to your family

60. Ever been stuck in an elevator?
no. that would worry me

61. What do your cousins call you?
Tony, but one of them refers to me and Cal as "my boys"... well, dont know if she still does, but she used to

62. What does you hair look like right now?
emo. :(

64. Has anyone told you they like you more than a friend?
yes. and it sucked.

65. What did you last eat?
tesco's bbq tortilla chps

66. Jordans or Dunks?
erm.. i have no fucking idea. see. discriminative

68. What are you looking forward to?
christmas, ice skating, seeing laura... boobies.

69. What's your biggest pet peeve?
liars. cheaters. fakes.

70. Do you have any tattoos?
no, hopefully getting one around xmas time though

71. Any piercings?
my lip

72. What do you want to be when you grow up?
i dunno, lol "grow up" im 21..... lol i have no idea what i wanna do when i "grow up"

73. Obsessions?
boobies. espcially my girlfriends.

74. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
i have it done so nah *pokes tongue out*

75. Have you ever been arrested?
no, been close a couple of times though

76. What are you afraid of?
losing those closest to me. being stuck in a lift for a long time. spiders
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11-30-07 5:51am

haha..who was that that told you the liked you "as more than a friend"?

you dont txt me either- atleast i call you occasionally-you dont een do that

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Re:, 11-30-07 4:18pm

liz from college.

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Re:, 11-30-07 4:28pm

yes i do, u never answer,

plus i am on the DAMN phone with you now... and yes, i made the call

(reply to comment)


11-30-07 5:53am

yore never going to grow up.
i think youd better get used to the idea that youre going to act like a really tall 3 year old forever.

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