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box (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2007 at 9:17pm
Why is it that anytime someone has a song they like or is stuck in their head they have to post the lyrics to it?

I don't mind hearing about what other music people like.. But instead of posting every word of the song and taking up half a page doing it.. Just post the Name of he band and title of the song and "If" I feel like knowing what the lyrics are.. i can look them up myself or just listen to it.

Maybe its cause Im lazy and don't like scrolling past a half o' page of lyrics, but it really annoys me when people do that.
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12-04-07 9:58pm


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12-05-07 12:28am

You don't sound like a bitter dick! No, not at all.

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Re:, 12-05-07 1:43pm

Sorry i was kind of cranky yesterday.. But that does annoy me sometimes.. if its a short song or is posted in a smaller text or even in a tag that can be expanded for those who want to read it.. then cool i guess..

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12-06-07 1:19pm

You know what your icon pic reminds me of? The boost mobile phone sitting at the house. lol.

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