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runningfreak (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2007 at 2:24pm
Current mood: Sick

Flu...I hate it. I dont like throwing up especially when I cant control it. I feel better now. But I still feel like crap.

Chrissy I envy your trip to Kansas, it has to be warm and enjoyable and I want to be there. But I just miss you. So much to say and so little time to say it.

Jon is over right now to play video games with Mike. It is almost weird. Almost.
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01-02-08 4:43pm

I'm sorry your sick or were sick! My trip was nice, very very long lots of riding in the car - 13 1/2 hours one way. Ouch - and it was colder there than here. That's the only bummer, didn't get to enjoy weather. But it's really cool out there, there is nothing for miles. Not many people can appriciate that, but I know you look out on either side of the highway and you just see open land, and cows...that's IT! It's amazing.

Is it really Almost wierd? Hm, maybe we need to start emailing eachother daily. lol. If you want to email me at work, you can any time ...or CALL me when your at home, or at Jesse's for all I care! lol.

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