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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2008 at 5:05pm
Music: Impulse
Subject: Bleh
So my last entry was apparently two hundred, and I felt the desire to cut it off for awhile. Or something. I'm finally back at ferris for another 15 weeks of furious plastics action, meaning explosive car chases, loose women, gun fights, and the occasional sex scene.

I'll settle for that last one, karma god, pretty please.

So far its been the same ol' same ol' for classes this semester, and I'm beginning to see how I can suck at the second semester of college. My attention span is gone and I constantly lose faith in my own abilities and give up to sit around and do nothing. Nobody can match my skill in that. Though I am determined to try and make it through this semester of school with at least A's or B's. Last semester I got hosed, so I should be giving it my all, but meh. I've never done that for anything, far as I can remember. Well, a few things, but I can't mention them without sounding like an emo twat.

I'm also determined to get this guitar thing working. Though chords and simple hand movements are preventing me from even playing a scale yet. The book I'm using isn't doing me any favors, by having half a page dedicated to chord fingerings then mentioning, "It might take a few tries to get the fingerings down, but don't give up!" I hope you mean a few hundred dozen tries good sir, or I'm going nowhere.

I'm also trying to work out a bit more AND restart my comic. I'll have time to in my math class til about the 9th week or so. Stupid having a math class thats too hard yet the next lowest too easy, grumble. For the comic though, if I get it rolling and actually going to what I view as well, I might need some help actually drawing it *COUGH EDDY COUGH* but I don't know who would help me with that.

Other than that, not much going on right now. I'll be at the shindig on friday if you are gonna be there, so if there is anyone out there whom I haven't talked to in forever, come bump into me before I'm a wheezing pile in a corner.
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01-17-08 3:53pm

can i bump into you after you're a wheezing pile in a corner?

... if you know what i mean.

(be careful what requests you make of the karma god. she may bequeath them in an overabundance, and in the form of my naked sweaty mass of flesh)

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01-19-08 3:36pm

I know who could help you with that whole comic thing. =]

But he's dead now, so I suppose I could try my hand at it. =P

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