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violet-winter-fields (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2008 at 9:26pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: Spark by Tori Amos
Subject: First post?
Yeah, it most definitely is. Never really been to keen on these online journal thingymabobs, but it's a good outlet to be writing my current feelings and thoughts.

So I'm thinking rather seriously about moving away from my home town and even state. Events at AO have helped my decision to do so. Not only did I have a great time with several friends there, I also met new people, kissed new people, and altogether want to be with one of them. Thinking about this has been rather tough. I have friends and family here, and I know I'd miss them, but I have just been feeling that I need a change. Something big.

Here's hoping this is the change I've been needing for quite some time.

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- pet pet pet -, 03-20-08 11:59pm

Whatever you do, do it to make you happy. <3

I'd love for you to move here though... I'm selfish that way.

Anyway! Welcome to woohu, hope you love it here with the loonies.

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Re: - pet pet pet -, 03-21-08 12:07am

I'm pretty sure I'd be happy there.

Being near you would be a bonus as well, like a HUGE bonus.

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