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violet-winter-fields (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2008 at 8:48pm
Current mood: lethargic
Music: Little Babies by Sleater-Kinney
Subject: So I really should be cleaning my room...
I just don't want to. I know I won't even make a dent in this trash heap I call a room. I really do need to clean though. It'll make it that much easier to pack things up, let alone simply move about without worrying I'm going to break something. I'm just far too lazy right now. Good thing I have a day off tomorrow. Wish I could be spending it with Nee, but that's kind of slightly impossible. Well, not really impossible, just...driving 7+ hours total to see her for maybe 3 hours if I'm lucky just doesn't really seem like that wonderful of an investment given my current financial situation. I need an actual weekend of 2+ days and some spare cash for it to be good value for my pants and the wallet in them.

I just hope she knows how much I want to be with her.

I think that's good for today. Luff me?
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03-21-08 11:42pm

We should make a room-cleaning pact! If we both do it, knowing that the other is rooting for them will make things go faster! It works that way for me at least. :3

- luffs on you like an otaku on pocky -

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Re:, 03-21-08 11:45pm

Oh bby...pocky is yumtastic...we should buy a factory and make it all day long.

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