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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2008 at 7:04pm
Music: Love is a long road
Subject: Soul
God dammit, I said I was going to keep at this, and I took another X month break. Well whatever, I'm going to try again, if only to try to be social.

These past few months haven't felt real in the least. Its just like I've been dreaming or watching everything from the outside. Everyday at school has just felt more temporary than anything else. Its scaring me because its the same feeling I had at central my first year. Where nothing was real, and I was just being pushed through something.

I'm horribly fucked for physics. Once the professor told me not to bother coming to class anymore, I took it to heart quite well. The rest of my classes are so blah. I'm most likely doing well, but who knows? Professors don't talk much til the end, though you are welcome to go to their offices that they aren't in during their office hours. Terrific. But thats all kind of meh right now. I've been in kind of an immunity type mood for now. No idea why, but I'm not going to question it.

Went with Chris, Kevin, and Chris's friend ben out to FOUNDERS, not POUNDERS like I thought I was hearing. Whoops...
But, went out and had a pretty good time. Lucas showed up with his new fiance Heather and friend Dusty. Good times. Things got and felt awkward a bit later on during the night, but I feel like that all the damn time, so I'm sure it was nothing. Was nice to see that Finger band that Chris and Kevin assured me was on par with the second coming of christ. I hope to get out and do more shit like that in the coming months since being anti social is starting to bother me, but we'll see.

Anyway, gotta get back to work on this lab report, so you woohu kids keep...uh...woohuing it up.

Oh, and go Delpha Omega Phi!
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04-22-08 9:27am

It's still your turn! lol

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04-22-08 11:45pm

the power of christ compels you!

and it was sigma pi ... dick.

; )

love you babe. (and apparently so does my girlfriend...)

sorry i passed out. and sorry i made a death rattle. smoking's very bad for you.

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05-12-08 7:10pm

Whoaaaa. I'm pulling a combo.
I love you, and want to have babeh's wiv you.

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