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blair (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2008 at 4:14pm
Subject: Computer Woes
Tried to hook up my desktop computer. Monitor won't pick up a signal even though I know the computer's working. Don't know where the problem is because we didn't try hooking either up to something else.

I need to figure out if it'll be better to get my old laptop fixed or just replace it (with the same model) from ebay. It might be old, but it was love at first sight and I miss it. My hard drive took a nose dive, so I replaced it- and now the CD drive won't work. Yeahhh. Not to mention the case is cracked a bit and there's a key missing. :) Replacement CD drive on ebay is $129.

Of course, I can just buy the power cord for my Acer laptop on ebay and call it a day. But I told DH that I'd let him use that more if I got my old one working again.

I'm on the search for my install discs for Galactic Battlegrounds. And maybe Starcraft. I want to play against DH.. <3
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05-06-08 11:17pm

I found something to show you.
And it would probably be easier if you got a new one.

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Re:, 05-07-08 11:14am

Yeah, it would be easier if I got a new one.

And oooo, something to show me. You can email me if you want- since I'm never on AIM right now. Hopefully in the next month or so I can get back online and re-connect with the online world.

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