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lordpeter (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2008 at 9:07pm
Current mood: busy
I watched Forrest Gump the other day with my grandparents (they hadn't seen it, and I am of the opinion everyone should see Forrest Gump at least once in their lifetime) and the contrasting views of Momma Gump and Lt. Dan really got me wondering.

How does the whole destiny thing work? Is it predestined as the Puritans preached in the youngest years of our nation, or is one's destiny completely under their control...

Most of the time it seems pretty evident that I am the sole proprietor of this business I call living. Yet at other times circumstance just seems to result in far too fantastic scenarios to be completely random. To have no predestiny makes me feel God is apathetic; to have total predestiny makes me feel God doesn't trust me. I don't like either thought, but to be fair I hardly trust me, so what behaviors could God see that would encourage him to allow me to choose my life? That goes back to free will. I don't know why he did it.

Perhaps he was beginning to feel dictator-ish. I mean even Castro had Che and his brother; its gotta be tough to be on top. That makes the most sense to me. After the whole demonic rebellion of Lucifer's he started to question his self-worth. Even God's bound to have an identity crisis, for are we not made in his image? And aren't we constantly assessing our images? So he made us. The ultimate test of whether he was really a good likable guy. He made us. Gave us the ability to love, hate, or worst of all deny him.

I like that idea. It may be wrong and it may be egotistical, but I'll be darned if it doesn't make me feel important. Plus its way more interesting than my Frankenstein essay that's due tomorrow.
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05-06-08 3:39pm

I have missed your journal posts.

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05-06-08 5:47pm

i had to read frankenstein too. then i have a project.

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Re:, 05-09-08 10:44pm

And how's that coming?

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destiny, 05-08-08 9:30pm

Destiny begins as God's love for us, manifested in surprising ways, and comes to its full fruition through our acceptance of and commitment to the gift.

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Re: destiny, 05-09-08 9:34pm

I've got it...

Destiny is the love child of Fate and Choice.

how's that?

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