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achoo (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2008 at 8:52pm
Subject: One-two-three o' clock-four o' clock, rock. Yep.
Does anyone else believe that if you stare at a milkshake long enough, it will come to life and laugh at you in a wicked manner so disgustingly maniacal that you feel compelled to throw it away, never to drink from it again? No? Then you need to stare at your milkshakes longer, you silly geese.
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05-10-08 12:33am

I wish I did because those milkshakes go straaaaight to my thighs. I'd love to feel compelled to throw them away.

Silly turkey.

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Re:, 05-10-08 1:12am

I AM a silly turkey. Gubble-gubble-gubble. Yeah, so...rock band works, now. Accept the green drum. YAY! Your sculpture is amazing. I can't wait until you're home. Love ya!

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