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shannonw55 (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2008 at 8:42pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Regina Spektor - Rockland County
I'm pretty sure anyone who is on my friends list is my friend so...

My open house is June 1st from 2-5pm and I would love it if you could come!
Lemme know if you need directions.
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05-27-08 5:01pm

I just saw Regina Spektor under your music, and I think I'm going to cash in a favor.

'member like, last year, during Beauty and the Beast (I think) and I made a mix for you? I think you should return the favor =) Y'see, I just watched Prince Caspian and it ends with a Regina Spektor song and I thought it was absolutely delicious, which inspires me to beg you to make me dazzling disc of music. =D


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05-27-08 11:03pm

Oh my gosh! My pleasure!

I've gotta warn you though, the song on Prince Caspian isn't her usual style. I'm sure you'll really enjoy her though!

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05-28-08 9:38am

I went to write down your open house on my calender and saw that I work in the morning and at night :( So I wont be able to make it, but I wish you luck in making lots of money.

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Re:, 05-28-08 3:11pm

Hehe thanks!
Hopefully we'll get to see eachother again before I leave! Come in and get pizza when you're in town again. It's so good to see you. :)

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