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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2008 at 11:41am
Current mood: angry
I'm not sure what makes me so angry. In truth, I just want to be able to enjoy it like a normal person. At a distance, from a calm, inactive standpoint. Mentally passive observation, acknowledging it's presence and accepting the benefit of that, but not experiencing the mess that comes with it.

I can sort of coax myself into it...but what happens if I stop paying attention, cut off the effort? Do I fall back into hate and rage, or does my soul linger in the vibrant, energetic comfort of the situation?

Or is it all just fear, and I a coward?


Do you ever write something and not understand why? This whole passage begs a question, and it's one that I can't answer for anyone who would be reading this. And yet I want someone to know, even if they don't understand.

But what I really want is for someone to understand.
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06-28-08 11:41am

This is what I do for fun now.
Spew random word vomit all over your journal via comments.

It's an old time honored tradition, one I must continue with because without it you're journal would just be boring.
That and I find it insanely fun.

So you know what?
You should go to Kenya, to see the lions and tigers they only have in Kenya. You know... the singing and dancing type.

And I'm somewhat brain dead right now.

I could tell you all about the book I'm reading. It's about assassins, these people who can travel to other worlds called 'travelers' and there's lots of talk about swords. Well, at least at the part I'm at. And I think I've told you about this book before... but it's seriously right up your alley.

That's all.
I'm so seriously brain dead.
I can't even uselessly ramble.
Just sit and stare outside.
I feel like a vegetable.
And I'm hungry now that I mentioned vegetables.
So I'm going to leave now.
And go eat.
And then stare some more.


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Re: , 07-07-10 11:40pm

I decided to go to Mexico and see the drug wars and scorpions they only have in Mexico. Not exactly the singing and dancing type.

Sorry it took so long.

And I don't really read for pleasure anymore. Isn't that a pity?

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